Environment Benefits

The best thing anyone can do for the environment is conserve energy, reduce waste, and reduce their overall footprint on the planet.

The second best thing anyone can do for the environment is to invest in solar energy, and here’s why:

The environmental benefits of solar electricity have the potential to mitigate the negative effects of not only global climate change, but local climate change too.

The greatest source of pollution in Ontario comes from the stacks of our coal generated power sources. By investing in solar electricity, you are offsetting the need for power created by coal, for natural gas used for power generation, and even heat energy created by oil. The effects of these forms of power generation are the greatest cause of Global Warming. Global Warming’s hazardous effects can be seen all over the world through droughts, flooding, hurricanes and in the rise of invasive species. An Inconvenient Truth is a well rounded documentary that describes this in greater detail, click here to watch it: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8847562857479496579

There are documented effects of coal power generation that can be seen in the health of local Ontarians. As Ontario’s single greatest air polluter, it plays a big role in pollution’s negative effects on Ontario’s citizens.

In Ontario, premature deaths are 1,900 per year and hospitalizations have reached 10,000 with emergency visits up to 13,000 per year. Absenteeism of 47 million lost working days in Ontario due to the health effects of air pollutants. (Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 2004). The cost of smog in Ontario on Health alone is $1 billion per year in hospital admissions, emergency visits and absenteeism.

Another documentary that gives a clear description of society’s desparate need for clean power is called ‘The Eleventh Hour,’ you can see the trailer for it by clicking this link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IBG2V98IBY

To put the environmental benefits of solar generated electricity into something familiar and measureable, think of trees. Trees filter out the carbon gasses that are created by coal-burning power plants; so one way to combat the ill-effects of coal-burning power generation is by planting trees. If coal-burning power plants create carbon gasses and trees consume carbon gasses, theoretically, you could plant enough trees to eliminate the carbon gasses created by coal-burning power generation.

If you had a system with 40 solar panels, it would have the equivalent carbon emissions offsetting capability of planting 1 tree (full life) per day!

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