Our installation process is broken down into 3 major steps: a site assessment, permitting and installation, and commissioning.

Site Survey & System Design

1. Assess and analyze the solar energy availability for your site/home/building
2. Inspect the homes structural conditions to ensure requirements can be met for obtaining a building  permit
3. Discuss with the homeowner their expectations and concerns regarding a PV installation
4. During the system design stage of a potential PV project Solar Electric Exchange will:

  • Assess all mechanical and electrical information gathered during our site analysis
  • Custom design the most optimal system for the home while meeting specific requests
  • Estimate the system performance and installation cost for the entire project

Permitting & Installation

We will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the material costs, installation costs and maintenance for the system.
For all installations Solar Electric Exchange:

  • Follows the Canadian electrical code
  • Installs only certified equipment backed by manufacturers warranties
  • Are fully licensed and insured
  • Provides professional customer service
  • Obtains all necessary permits and submits all necessary paper work
  • Is present for all necessary electrical and utility inspections

Commissioning, Operating & Maintenance

To ensure continued customer satisfaction, Solar Electric Exchange offers:

  • Trouble shooting (for the life of the contract)
  • Annual system inspections
  • Service calls


Our Process Upon Initial Assessment

  • Site Visit
  • Skyline scan, site measurements & photos
  • Structural Assessment and electrical inspection
  • Roof Condition Report
  • Design and Layout
  • Product Consideration customized specifically for you