Financial Benefits


The cost of a solar electric system can be whatever the customer feels comfortable with.Things to consider when assessing the right cost for a solar electric system are:

1. Availability of money – how much, if any liquidity is available.

2. The reasons for purchasing a solar electric system – the environment, or to make money. If helping the environment is a main reason for going solar, and the return on investment is not so critical, you could have a system installed for as low as $2000. If money is the sole reason for purchasing a solar system, then one has to keep in mind that the larger the system gets, the greater return on investment (ROI) the customer will gain.

3. If money is available through credit, then what interest rate is that money borrowed at? These days a simple line of credit can often be attained for about prime plus 2-3%.

Solar Electric Exchange will provide financing to customers through a reputable third party interested in financing green projects.
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There are many distinct advantages to earning income through your solar electric system:

1. Consistent annual returns that do not depend on volatile factors like the stock market, price of real estate, or the success of one company. Solar Electricity only depends on the Sun; and when Solar Electric Exchange calculates a customer’s financial returns, we base it on the last 100 years of sunshine data, using the latest technology in assessment tools.

2. The income generated is tax free until the system is paid for by the solar income. By writing off the depreciation of the solar equipment, a customer will have an income generator that is earned without paying tax. If a loan is attained for the purchase of a Solar Electric system, the interest is a tax right off.

3. Substantial returns are made for the life of the contract. The financial returns that Solar Electric Exchange has made for customers have been an average of 16%. We try to aim for 10 to 20%. We are always extremely concise and accurate with our estimations on returns; the customer will usually see a larger return then our conservative assessment.

4. Low Risk  – because the investment is made in conjunction with a government guaranteed 20 year contract, just like a G.I.C.(guaranteed investment certificate,) once the contract is made, the income then solely depends on the sun shining – the same way it has for the last 100 years. And as a result of all of this, a solar electric system is considered to be a low-risk investment.

The rates offered by the Ontario government are the best in the world right now. Ontario is behind the rest of the developed world in solar electricity installations, and are trying to play catch up. As more installations are created, the Feed In Tariff price will be lowered from its current 54.9 cents per kilowatt-hour. Right now holds a great opportunity for anyone who wants to help save the planet and get paid a never before offered rate of return on solar anywhere in the world!

The average costs of our recent systems have been around $12,000. However, systems can be as low as $2,000 and as high as $70,000. Solar Electric Exchange does not want to sound like other solar companies, by being vague, but it truly does depend on what the customer wants.

Solar Electric Exchange is confident that we can guarantee the best possible return on any system we install. If a customer shows us a detailed quote from a reputable and experienced company, showing the financial return, we promise to beat it! – no fine print!