Ryan – Operations

Ryan’s experience with power generation spans 2 industries – Solar and Nuclear. His nearly 10 years experience in the Nuclear industry working primarily on the computer systems that run nuclear reactors, along with his diverse experience with commissioning electrical and control systems with Ontario Power Generation give him good insight into the highly technical aspects and bureaucracy/administration that attach themselves to the solar industry. His Electronics Engineering and Electrical Background have helped him grow in the solar industry which he has been involved in for the last 4 years. Taking exclusive programs and courses in solar, solar mounting, safety issues, and troubleshooting for solar systems has proven essential in this ever-changing industry. Ryan is also a part-time professor at Durham College.

Neil – Engineering

Neil’s 25 years in the power generation business brings a wealth of technical knowledge, information and insight to the table. His technical background in power generation is highly technical from an engineering perspective with the rare quality of knowing how to integrate it and make it a reality. His background goes deep in generation itself, distribution and usage. Neil played an essential role in the redesign of the new computers installed to run Ontario Power Generation – Pickering’s nuclear reactors. With Neil, there are no boundaries to where solar can go.

Laura – Human Resources

Laura’s experience in human resources spans 8 years. She’s our specialist in recruitment and staffing. If you’re interested in joining a pioneering team of solar specialists in Ontario, please send your resume to laura@solarelectricexchange.com.

About The Company

Solar Electric Exchange LTD. is dedicated to making the environment in Ontario and the world a better place by offsetting carbon based and other non-renewable electricity production by building renewable clean energy production – primarily solar power generating stations, whilst aiming to build wind power generating stations in the future.

Solar Electric Exchange LTD. has been officially incorporated since 2009. We are based in Ajax, and work primarily in the Durham Region, the GTA and surrounding rural communities.