Go Solar and make money doing it.
By installing solar panels on your roof, you can make money by selling the electricity back to the grid.
High R.O.I.
Average installations make 12-20% per year guaranteed by the government for 20 years.
No Money Down
We also provide full financing for every project, so no money down required.
Scarborough Installation
40 panels, cost $33,000 and makes $5500.00/yr, that’s 16.6% R.O.I.
Power Generation Experience
With over 30 years power generation experience, Solar Electric Exchange will take care of all our customers' needs - satisfaction guaranteed!
From Assessment To Commissioning
From site assessment to commissioning, we execute all projects with the utmost due diligence and attention to details.
Maintenance For Life
And not only do we execute work with precision, we also look after all of our customers after the project has been completed - We provide maintenance for the system for the life of all systems, free of charge, so you can relax!.

Check out some of our installations being monitored in real time:

(NOTE: The readings are live, and so may be blank at night. Also, the monitoring software goes through periodic updates, so if the monitoring is not visible clearly below or you'd like more info, click on the links above the readings to see up to date historical data.)

Ajax, Ontario

8-panels, cost $12,000 and makes $1800.00/yr, that’s 15% R.O.I.

Bowmanville, Ontario

8-panels, cost $11,000 and makes $1700.00/yr, that’s 15.45% R.O.I.

Scarborough, Ontario

40 panels, cost $33,000 and makes $5500.00/yr, that’s 16.6% R.O.I.

Courtice, Ontario

20 panels, cost $20,000 and makes $3500.00/yr, that’s 17.5% R.O.I.